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Show Your Gratitude For The Seniors In Your Life This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect and give thanks for all of the amazing people and things that we have in our lives. So before you dive into the turkey and pumpkin pie, take a moment to look around the table and see who is joining you. Seniors, including parents and grandparents, are a really special gift, so this year spend a little extra time to show them how thankful you are for having them in your life. If you are not sure exactly how to bring this up or show them you are thankful, here are a few ideas.

Ask them about their lives


The seniors in our lives have great stories about the life they have lived, and many of them have incredible wisdom to share with us about what they learned along the way. Asking them to share the story of their lives shows that you understand the importance they have in your life, and how you value the experience they can share with you.

Our parents and grandparents will almost always be willing to answer the questions you have or share their stories so that you can learn from their lives. You can do this while everyone is sitting around the dinner table, or maybe after dinner while enjoying coffee and dessert. No matter when you do this, take the time this holiday to talk to the seniors in your life about their experiences.


Questions you can ask them to get to know them better


What was their first job?
What they are most proud of in their life?
How did they meet their spouse?
What, if anything, did they really want to do in their life that they haven’t done yet?
One lesson they learned in life that they want to share with others


Talk to them


Many seniors often feel isolated and lonely, especially if they live alone away from friends and family. They often look forward to holidays and family dinners when they get to see the people they love the most.

During this holiday, make sure you let them know how valued they are and how much you enjoy having them around. Oftentimes in our lives, we get busy, and sometimes we just overlook spending time with our parents or grandparents and assume there will be another day.

Time with our loved ones can never be replaced, and if you can make a point to really spend quality time with them, you will not regret it. Your parents and grandparents love nothing more than spending time with you so showing them how much they really mean to you will go a long way.

This Thanksgiving, take a moment to show your gratitude for the seniors in your life!


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