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Proper foot care is essential for your overall health. When complications arise, it is important to have a qualified health professional address your concerns and ensure that you or your loved one gets proper treatment.
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Foot Care and Diabetes

Foot problems are common, especially in individuals affected with multiple health conditions or complications. Diabetes and arthritis pose a special risk to the function and comfort of the feet. This is why it is important to have a consistent care routine for your feet and monitor for any potential issues. A personal foot care nurse is specially trained to provide foot care assessment and treatment to you or your loved one to ensure long-term health and wellbeing. A personal foot care nurse in London, Ontario or nearby areas can help treat pain and relax your feet. Foot care can be great for people suffering from diabetes, health issues, mobility troubles, or seniors.

Feet problems are common, but they are especially frequent in individuals affected by diabetes. If left untreated, these issues may progress and lead to more severe complications involving nerve damage and reduced blood flow. Wounds in individuals with diabetes tend to heal slower and progress more quickly. A small cut on a foot, if left unattended, can quickly develop into a foot ulcer. This is why it is crucial to do regular self-checks and have a qualified foot care nurse perform periodic foot assessments and address any issues such as injuries, cuts, blisters or ingrown toenails.

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Personal Foot Care Nurse

Foot care nurses are specially trained and have the experience and knowledge to provide you or your loved one with the best foot care services available within the comfort of your home. A personal foot care nurse will complete a comprehensive assessment of the client’s health and foot condition. The nurse will then identify any existing or potential complications and help create a care plan that is unique and specific to your or your loved one’s needs. Foot care nurses will provide care for the feet and nails and treat conditions such as callouses, corns and ingrown toenails. If the feet will require a more specialized care, your personal foot care nurse will provide a referral to other health care professionals to ensure that any complications are resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you or your loved one require some help with foot care or need a comprehensive foot assessment, please book an appointment by submitting the intake form or calling us at 226-271-5058.

Personal Foot Care Nurse Services in London, Ontario & Surrounding Areas

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