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Nursing Assessment
If you have concerns about your or your loved one's health, nursing assessment by a qualified health professional can help.
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Nursing Assessement

When health concerns arise, it is important that they are addressed quickly to ensure your or your loved one’s health. At VERA Home Care, we have dedicated staff who specialize in evaluating patients’ overall health and specific health conditions. Our experienced nurses will perform a nursing assessment, determine the best course of action or treatment plan, and help answer any questions that you or your loved one might have. Our goal at VERA Home Care is to ensure that you and your loved ones receive proper treatment and attention on time. Our nurses work closely with our clients and their physicians to ensure that our clients receive the most effective, evidence-based treatment for the best outcome.  

In-Home Personal Nursing Assessment

VERA Home Care nurses are trained and experienced in performing a complete health assessment. The assessment involves a review of medical history, a physical exam and learning more about overall health, symptoms and concerns using evidence-informed tools. For us, your health is our priority and we feel proud that we can provide you with the health services you need within the comfort of your home.

Our health nurse will complete a comprehensive assessment of the client’s overall health and assess particular symptoms and concerns. The nurse will then identify any existing or potential complications and determine the best course of action whether it may be a hospital visit, an in-home treatment or a laboratory test. The nurse will explain the evaluation and if needed, may contact the family physician directly to communicate all the information. Our goal is to ensure that any health complications are addressed quickly and efficiently for the best outcome.

If you or your loved one requires some help or needs a comprehensive nursing assessment, please book an appointment by submitting the intake form or calling us at 226-271-5058.

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