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Our adult caregivers have extensive experience in providing in home health assistance

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Adult Caregiver Services For Greater Independence At Home

In-Home Care Services lets you stay independent by assisting in areas you need help. You are placed at the center of your own care, and you always decide what you need most. Get quality In Home Care Services you can count on and most importantly get help when you need it most. We cater to unique situations offering personalized care tailored to preference of our clients.


Unique & Compassionate Care For Your Loved Ones

Adult Caregiver Services. If your needs increase, additional support is easily added. In Adult Caregiver Services s can be tailored to your needs whether it be age or disability. Our expert Adult Caregivers and support teams are designed to ensure you remain independent. The In Home Care Service you receive will be packaged to meet your individual needs. Here are something things we help with:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene such as bathing, toileting, grooming and dressing
  • Helping with mobility including driving to and from appointments
  • Meal preparation and assistance with eating
  • Medication reminders, communication with healthcare providers and scheduling of appointments
  • Help following discharge instructions, rehabilitation activities and incorporate the new material into daily routines
  • In-home occupational and physiotherapy to help recover the muscle, balance and range of motion, as well as help re-learn movements such as walking
  • Speech-language pathology services to help regain the language skills as well as work on methods to resolve memory, thinking and communication complications
  • Light housekeeping, shopping and laundry

Adult Caregiver Services For Senior Citizens, Disability and Surgery Recovery

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We understand that recovery process can be complicated and challenging for both your loved one and your family. Our caregivers and nurses understand the emotional and physical factors involved in the recovery process. With their knowledge and experience, our team will ensure that the needs of your loved one are met and empower and support your family on their journey to recovery. Our goal is to help your loved one gain their confidence back and develop healthy lifestyle habits to reduce the risks of another stroke.



Our Service Consultant visits your family to assess the care level which would be best suited for you or your loved one, paying special attention to our client’s personality, habits, and preferences.

Developing a Plan of Care

One of our Home Service Coordinators conducts an evaluation of our client’s care needs. Together with the Service Consultant, the Coordinator develops a care plan which is then adjusted and approved by the client and his or her family.

Monitor & Managing

Once you have started services with us, we keep monitoring the quality of care to ensure that we perform to the highest standards. We actively seek client’s feedback to keep improving the care.

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