Additional Healthcare Support Services
We want to simplify the way you and your loved ones receive home healthcare services

Additional Homecare Support Services & Therapeutic Senior Care London Ontario

What is the Key to Our
Homecare Support Services?

Health can be complicated. Often to improve recovery and maintain the mobility and independence, services beyond standard care may be needed. Receiving multiple services usually means driving to multiple locations or having to deal with multiple agencies.

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We want to simplify the way you and your loved ones receive services such as physiotherapy, personal training and massage by giving you the option to receive them at your residence and of course, all the services will be managed directly by VERA Home Care so you don’t have to deal with multiple agencies. The current services offered by our team of professionals are: 

  • Occupational and Physiotherapy services focused on recovery, movement and management of pain especially when faced with additional health complications
  • Personal training focused on improving overall health by improving flexibility, range of movement and strengthen core muscles to reduce risk of disease and extend independence 
  • Seniors Group Fitness aimed at improving health in a fun, stress-free group setting
  • Massage therapy to improve blood circulation and reduce pain caused by aching muscles
  • Dietician services to help develop personalized diet and meal plan tailored to your needs or the needs of your loved one to improve health and promote recovery 
  • Companionship Chat service allows your loved ones to stay socially active in this modern world which can get complication and busy. The service consists of four, or more, one-hour calls made to your loved one every week. The calls are made by the select team member meant to encourage socializing and just talk about everyday things. The service also includes two written reports every month about the overall state of your loved one and if there are any concerns that you should pay attention to

Additional Homecare Support Services and In-Home Healthcare Assistance in London

Get Therapeutic & Homecare Help Right Away

We are working hard to add additional services to ensure that you have an easy and convenient access to all the services necessary for the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. 

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Our Service Consultant visits your family to assess the care level which would be best suited for you or your loved one, paying special attention to our client’s personality, habits, and preferences.
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Developing a Plan of Care

One of our Home Service Coordinators conducts an evaluation of our client’s care needs. Together with the Service Consultant, the Coordinator develops a care plan which is then adjusted and approved by the client and his or her family.
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Monitor & Managing

Once you have started services with us, we keep monitoring the quality of care to ensure that we perform to the highest standards. We actively seek client’s feedback to keep improving the care.

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