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Healthy Habits for Seniors

 Consistent, healthy habits can go a long way in helping you enjoy your retirement years and keep up with all your favourite activities. It is never too late to start making positive changes in your life – and even small changes can amount to big differences over time. Here are a few ways to stay healthy in your senior years. 

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet


When preparing your meals, try to find foods that are nutritious, low in calories and higher in fibre content. When we start to age, our digestive system may slow down and we may need to give it a little extra help. Choosing high-fibre vegetables, fruits and whole grains can help with digestive issues – like constipation and spikes in blood sugar. Meal planning can help make sure you are meeting your nutritional needs.


Staying active


Staying physically active is great for our bodies; it also can have a huge impact on our mental health. Regular exercise when combined with a healthy, balanced diet is an excellent way to develop healthy habits you can carry with you for life.  Additionally, regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is a major concern as we get older. It is recommended that seniors get about 30 minutes of exercise about 3 or 4 days a week.

This can include walking, swimming, low-impact aerobics and even cycling.


Sleeping as much as needed


Getting a good night’s sleep is sometimes overlooked, but getting the right amount of sleep can make a big change in your life. Getting less than 5 hours of sleep on most nights can contribute to major illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and even high blood pressure. It is recommended you get about 7 or 8 hours of sleep – every night.


Getting a regular check-up


Sometimes, we hold off seeing our doctor until something is actually wrong with us. You may not have any immediate complications or chronic conditions that need regular check-ups, but making sure you have your yearly physical with your doctor can go a long way to making sure that any health issues are caught and treated early.


Keeping your brain active


By reading regularly, completing puzzles or crosswords, and learning new skills you can help keep your brain healthy. These types of activities stimulate your brain and can be treated as exercises for your brain. While putting your best efforts into keeping your body healthy, you should also consider setting aside some time to keep your mind healthy as well.


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