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Tips for Organizing Medications and Healthcare Essentials

If you have a medicine cabinet full of clutter or if you take multiple prescriptions, then sorting through your medications and healthcare essentials each day can be a real hassle. The last thing you want is to struggle to try and find your over-the-counter painkillers when you have a migraine – or worse, misplace an important prescription.

Organize the Medicine Cabinet


It is important to stay organized – especially when it comes to medication. A good habit is to sort through your medicine cabinet at least once a year to discard expired or unused prescriptions. It is recommended that you bring your unused prescriptions back to the pharmacy where they can be disposed of in a safe manner. Throwing these in the trash or flushing them down the toilet can be harmful to the environment.

You might notice some items in a medicine cabinet – like toiletries – that might be better stored in a different place due to limited space. Most medicine cabinets have very limited room, so it is best to reserve them for prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and first aid essentials. Limiting the number of items has the added benefit of making it easy to see when you are running low on something so that you can plan to restock before you run out.

Pill Organizers


Pillboxes are great little tools to help you manage your doses and help ensure that you do not miss a dose. Some healthcare professionals estimate that up to 50% of prescription medicines for chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are not taken as prescribed.

Reasons for this include:

  • A misunderstanding of how and when to take them
  • Unwillingness to take the medication (especially common in the elderly population)
  • Confusion over which prescriptions have already been taken that day
  • Simply forgetting. (This is especially common for people who have to take multiple medications).

Using a daily or weekly pillbox can help alleviate many of these issues. More importantly, they make it very easy to see what medications still have to be taken that day.

If you or a loved one is taking multiple prescriptions, keeping everything neat and organized can really help maintain the recommended dosages and keep health complications in check.

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Did you know that home care workers can help your loved ones with medication reminders? They can also help them with chores around the house, such as organizing the medicine cabinet.

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