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Ideas for Keeping Mind Active and Brain Healthy

As people age, they may notice that some of their cognitive functions start to fade. While it is something that is often associated with ageing and accepted to be a natural part of life – there are a number of strategies to keep your mind active and brain healthy. There is increasing evidence that the brain never stops growing and developing. So keeping your mind stimulated is key to your brain health. Here are a few ideas for keeping your brain active and your mind sharp.

Try a new skill


When we try something new and unfamiliar, our brain is forced to actively work to figure out how to perform a new skill. Doing something familiar or from memory tends to put less strain on the brain and does not provide as much benefit.

Whether it is a new activity, speaking a new language or even learning to cook a new dish – taking on a new skill will help keep your brain active.

Be physically active


While many people strictly associate being physically active with benefiting your body, it can also help to keep your brain healthy.

Going for a walk or bike ride, or other forms of exercise you enjoy can make a big difference in your cognitive health.

Read a book


Reading helps us to explore and learn. It may even help us understand the world events as they are happening around us.

You do not have to read constantly; however, even a few pages a day can help keep your brain much more active. You can also find local book clubs – potentially at your local library – where you can discuss books you just read with others. Conversations and socialization can also help keep minds strong.

Try crossword puzzles or Sudoku


These games are considered brain builders and help keep our minds active and working.

Sudoku has various levels of difficulty so that you can start at whatever level you feel comfortable with and work your way up as you get better at solving the puzzles.

Play games


Whether it is board games, card games, or even computer games, playing games can help teach your brain to adapt and learn. Games are also a great way to socialize and form new connections.

Try brain games


Brain games are a very distinct type of games designed to provide specific mental stimulation to help stimulate the brain.

These games include challenges that may involve matching colours, speed matching, word-find challenges, and memory games. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that these games will have any success in preventing dementia or Alzheimer’s; however, there is a lot of ongoing research on the benefits of these games in every day life.

Whichever activity you choose, even for only an hour each day, can go a  long way toward staying on top of your cognitive health and being able to enjoy time with your loved ones for as long as possible.

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