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How To Make a Bathroom More Accessible For Your Senior Loved One

If your loved one is having difficulty getting to and navigating the bathroom, there are ways to make the bathroom much more accessible to them. Making the bathroom accessible will allow your senior loved one to keep their independence while staying safe at home. Here are a few updates and adjustments you can easily make.


A Convertible Bathtub

If you’re worried that your family member might slip getting in and out of the bathtub, or maybe they don’t have the mobility to do so, then you can invest in a convertible tub. This kind of tub is also sometimes known as a walk-in bathtub. The tub has a door that swings, higher walls and has a built-in bench seat so they can sit down at any time. The door of this bathtub seals so they can soak in a warm and cozy bath anytime they want.

Higher Sinks and Toilets

Sometimes sitting down to use the toilet isn’t the issue – it’s getting back up. You can purchase toilets that have a higher height that makes it easier to stand back up without any assistance. You can also install higher sinks so that your loved one doesn’t have to bend over too much to wash their hands, and it makes it easier on their back.

Grab Bars in Bathroom

This device can be installed around the home in almost any place, but they are especially helpful in areas like the bathroom where your loved one might need assistance with stability. They can be installed around the bathtub to prevent a fall or on the wall beside the toilet to help your loved one stand up safely.

Motion Sensor Lights

These kinds of lights can be helpful for seniors for a variety of reasons. For example, if your loved one has arthritis, sometimes flipping a light switch can be really painful on their joints, so the motion sensor will automatically light up the area without them having to turn lights on. Additionally, if your loved one needs to get up in the middle of the night to use the washroom, having a motion sensor on the light can help prevent them from fumbling around trying to find the light, and it will turn on as they enter the bathroom.

Keeping your loved one safe at home and giving them their independence is important, and it’s often the case that your senior loved one would want to stay in their own home as long as possible. Keep them safe with an accessible bathroom, and they will be able to stay safe, so you don’t have to worry.

If you would like to learn about other ways to help your loved ones stay independent at home, contact VERA Home Care today to learn how home care can help!

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