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Tips for Helping Your Senior Loved One Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Unfortunately, type 2 diabetes is very common among older adults in Canada, and it can be very difficult to manage. If diabetes is not managed properly, it may develop into a very serious condition for your loved one, so it’s important to pay close attention and follow the advice of medical professionals. It is also important to have the support of family and friends as it may help and encourage your loved one to stay healthy. Here are a few tips for helping your loved one manage their diabetes.

Keep them Active

Type 2 diabetes, specifically, can be managed with regular exercise. Physical activity can help adults regulate glucose levels, which in turn, will keep diabetes well managed. As long as your loved one stays active, it does not matter the kind of exercise they perform as long as it is geared towards what your loved one feels comfortable with and appropriate relative to their abilities.

Eating Healthy

If you are able to, helping your loved one prepare and eat healthy meals can go a long way to effectively managing type 2 diabetes. In addition to eating healthy meals, having a predictable mealtime can help prevent the dips and spikes in glucose levels. If you need help, there are nutritionists who specialize in diabetic nutrition and can help with meal ideas that include fibre-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. They can also advise as to which foods should be avoided or only consumed in moderate amounts.

Testing Schedule

Your family member will likely need to test their blood glucose levels regularly, and it’s important to have a set schedule for testing. It’s also important for caregivers and family members to know the signs of low blood sugar so they can help in an emergency situation where they may need immediate assistance. Having a schedule can also help remind them to take any medications they may need at the appropriate time.

Regular Check-Ups

It’s important to make sure that your loved one regularly goes to their scheduled medical appointments and follows the treatment plan set out for them.

Diabetes can affect other parts of the body if not well managed, like eyes and teeth. So, in addition to seeing their specialist for diabetes, seeing their dentist and optometrist regularly can help prevent other health issues if caught early.

Living with type 2 diabetes can be a challenge for anyone, but helping your loved ones can help manage the disease and lead healthier lives.

At VERA Home Care, our home care workers care for patients with a range of medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes and can help with meal planning and preparation, exercise, and ensuring that your loved ones get to their medical appointments.

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