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Helping Elderly Loved Ones Stay Safe and Warm this Winter

Winter brings chilly air and occasional snow. While for most of us, that means shoveling snow and trying to stay warm indoors, it can be a little more serious for our elderly loved ones as it presents risks to their health and well-being. Staying warm during the frigid temperatures is crucial for seniors who are more susceptible to illness during the winter. Here are a few tips for keeping your elderly loved ones warm this winter.

Check their clothes

Take some time to go through your senior loved one’s closet with them to look at their winter-appropriate clothing. Make sure they have sufficient sweaters and warm clothing in good condition. Any pieces that may be damaged or in poor condition should be replaced.

Prepare for the bad weather

The best thing you can do for your senior family members is to help them prepare for potentially severe weather conditions. For indoors, make sure they have candles and extra batteries for flashlights just in case a storm takes out the power. You should also include water and non-perishable snacks in the kit. Additionally, make sure their medications (if they take any) are in a location that is easy to access even if the power goes out.

Test the Smoke Detectors

During the winter, many people will use space heaters and fireplaces to add additional sources of heat to their homes. Because of the extra risks associated with using these sources of heat, it is vital to ensure that the smoke detectors are working properly. It is also important to check the carbon monoxide detectors at the same time.

The winter can be a beautiful time with snow and trees covered in icicles, but it can also be a time when our senior family members are more likely to get sick. Their immune systems are not as strong as ours, and they are much more susceptible to illnesses during the cold months. Make sure they are ready for winter with plenty of winter clothes, a fully stocked pantry and a safe home. They will enjoy the beauty of winter from their warm, cozy home this year.

And if you feel your elderly loved one could use extra companionship or someone else to check in on them on a regular basis, you can also consider a home care worker.

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