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How to Introduce a Home Care Worker

You want to be there for your elderly loved one as much as you possibly can to provide them with attention, help them with the tasks around the house, and make sure they’re safe and being cared for. When you can’t be there, you can have a home care worker assist your loved one with personal care and chores around the house as needed. Your loved one, though, may not be receptive or trusting of having a stranger in their home. It could take some time to get used to having a home care worker, but following these steps can help make the transition easier for everyone. 


Talk about it

Discussing the idea of having a caregiver with your loved one before hiring one can help get them more open to it. If your loved one is really in denial about needing some help or doesn’t want to talk about it, you can suggest to them the idea of hiring a housekeeper. Sometimes the choice of wording can make your loved one feel a little more comfortable with the idea. You can also explain to them how having some help around the house will ease your stress and allow them to stay living in their home independently


Find a caregiver

When it comes to finding the right caregiver for your loved one, you can choose to search and interview various caregivers who work independently, or you can work with a company that specializes in providing home care. Working with a company may be easier as they typically handle payments, scheduling, and resolving any conflicts should they arise. They will also be responsible for hiring the caregivers, doing all the screening and the appropriate background checks and, depending on the company, insure their caregivers. 

A good home care company will send someone to do an assessment of your loved one’s home and make a care plan that is tailored to their needs. Additionally, if your loved one speaks a language other than English as their first language, they can try to match them with a caregiver who speaks the same language they do. 


Take it slow 

Once you find the right match for your loved one, start with slow introductions. Introductions might take anywhere from a single visit to a couple of visits until your loved one accepts the a caregiver. It is often a good idea to be present during the first visit. This will help your loved one become comfortable with the caregiver, knowing that someone they trust is there to help them adjust. You can also use these early visits to show the caregiver any special details or routines your loved one has and how tasks and chores are normally done. 


Stay involved

Once your loved one is comfortable with their caregiver, it’s important to stay in touch and stay involved in their care. Having a good relationship, with open communication, with the caregiver of your loved one is vital. This could include regular phone calls, emails, or even scheduling a visit while you are there so you can be caught up on what’s going on. Ongoing communication will help make sure any issues or misunderstandings are easily resolved and that you stay informed of any changes to their care needs

It could take a couple of weeks, or even a month, to determine if the personality of the caregiver is a good fit for your loved one. The first caregiver you meet may not be the best match – and that’s okay. If you have concerns about the caregiver that is assigned, just call the home care company to discuss it with them. 

It might take a couple of tries to find just the right fit, but you’ll get there with patience and some understanding. Over time, your loved one will likely start to develop a friendship with their caregiver and may even look forward to their visits. With the right approach, you can find the right fit to care for your loved one. 


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