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Do Home Care Providers Give Social Routine Recommendations?

When people become more comfortable in their surroundings, social routines can become predictable. As we age, breaking these routines becomes harder and adding new habits becomes next to impossible. Mobility issues, new medications, and memory loss are common obstacles faced by those who need home care. 

When you’re faced with challenges to the social routines of a loved one, can you turn to home care providers? Yes, we can help, and here’s how!


What Goes Into A Social Routine Recommendation?

Social routine recommendations come down to what the client needs. They include encouraging healthy routines, bringing in new medications, and do whatever the client needs to feel more in control. These routines can reduce the day-to-day stress seniors can face, helping them manage control over parts of their lives, and feel more independent.

Home care providers that meet seniors in their homes aim to provide routines that combine nutrition, exercise, hygiene, rest, and some social, creative, and intellectual activities.


What Recommendations Can Caregivers Provide?

How a home care provider recommends social routines depends on the needs of who they are caring for. Caregivers can help prepare healthy meals and assist with feeding (if needed). Many seniors do not receive the nutrition they need for optimal health; a home care provider can recommend the right foods at mealtime to ensure the seniors under their care get what they need.

Another important recommendation is when and how to take medications. A senior’s prescriptions are most often essential, making it important that your parent or loved one does not miss any dosages. However, many elderly citizens can deal with memory loss, making it hard to remember the time and dosage to take every day. Home care providers can follow doctor recommendations in coming up with a social routine, helping a client take their medication at the proper times.

In many instances, though, it’s appropriate for the senior to drive the social routine. This is especially pertinent when the caregiver provides companionship and conversation. These home care providers will visit the patient in their home or residence to engage them in conversation or games throughout the day. Caregivers can also spend time with their patients playing games, watching TV, or going on walks.


The Benefits Of Home Care Providers Can Give Structure To Days

The social routine recommendations of home care providers do not have to be inflexible to be effective. Flexibility can help everyone deal more efficiently with any unpredictable events that may arise. It’s an especially relevant service with the current COVID-19 pandemic; the new (and constantly changing) demands in public health can require a little flexible guidance!

However, when some seniors have unpredictable or unstructured days, they can feel stress, leading to mood issues and rest problems. Establishing simple daily schedules can significantly improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of someone who needs home care! Talk to the Vera team if you must come up with a social routine for a loved one.

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