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What to ask a potential caregiver?

Most seniors and their families would prefer to stay in their own homes rather than be forced to move into a long-term care facility. To help them remain in their homes for as long as possible, in-home care is often the ideal choice. Still, however, finding the right agency and the right caregiver can be a daunting task. There are many agencies out there, and families can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of finding the right person to care for their elderly parent or loved one.

What to ask a potential caregiver:

Once you have decided to work with an in-home care agency, it’s still important that you get to know any potential caregiver and make sure that you feel comfortable with your choice. Here are a few important questions that you can ask a potential caregiver.

What are your professional credentials?

Depending on what the caregiver will be doing for your elderly loved one, you may be looking for specific designations such as a PSW, RPN, RN, etc.

Are you comfortable with the duties required?

Personal care varies greatly from client to client. Some clients need only someone to help with errands or provide companionship. Other clients may need more extensive help such as dressing, bathing, help with taking medications and other tasks.

How would you handle a situation with a non-compliant client?

If you have dealt with situations where your elderly loved one didn’t want to take their medication or maybe was even verbally or physically abusive, it is important to ask how a potential caregiver would handle this situation.

When would you feel it was acceptable to break client confidence?

For example, if an elderly parent did something that was concerning, at what point would the caregiver tell you about it?

At Vera Home Care we ensure that every caregiver has the necessary training, experience and knowledge so you can feel confident that your loved ones receive the necessary care and attention.

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