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Safe Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Quarantine

The last year has introduced us to many challenges, some of which we have never had to deal with before. Quarantine, time away from our families, celebrating holidays and birthdays by ourselves, or virtually with our families, have all taken their toll. Facing COVID-19 has sometimes forced us to put celebrations and important events on hold, which can be difficult for everyone. With Mother’s Day coming up, you may be looking for safe ways to celebrate with your mom. Here are a few ideas so that you can show your mom just how much she means to you.


Virtual Family Game Night

Before COVID, were game nights a big deal for your family? Does your family enjoy some fun-spirited competitiveness? While the game nights may not be what you are used to, a virtual game night is still a great option to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. There are games specifically designed to be used on virtual platforms, so you do not have to worry about adapting all games to a virtual call.


Driveway Chalk

Cannot go inside? No problem! As long as the weather forecast does not say rain, take a moment and go back to your childhood days with sidewalk chalk. Take some time to draw some pictures and write some heartfelt messages on your mom’s driveway so she can read them from the house.


Order Breakfast

Just because you cannot physically celebrate together does not mean you cannot share your favourite meal, even if it is virtual or over the phone. There are many food delivery services that can bring your mom’s favourite breakfast (or lunch or dinner) to her. The great thing about the delivery services is that you can order a meal for her and for yourself and set up a zoom call so you can eat and chat together.


Decorate the Front Door

If you are planning to drop off a gift and flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day, you can also put some balloons and other decorations on her door. While it will likely look prettier from the street, it is a really nice gesture to show her just how much you care and miss her.


Coffee Date

Many of us love having conversations with our moms over coffee, and that does not have to change. If your mom has an outdoor space at her home, or maybe you do, you can set up a coffee date with treats for you and your mom to enjoy. Hopefully, the weather is nice, so you can really enjoy being outside together.


Invite Her Over

While we need to ensure that we stay socially distanced, if your mom lives alone (or perhaps if you do), then she can visit with one other household during quarantine. With that in mind, you can prepare a nice meal together, or order in if you prefer, and spend the evening together. While it is not perfect, and you might wish you could celebrate with more people, your mom will cherish this time with you and her.

Mother’s Day is an important time to show your mom that you care and love having her in your life. While this year’s Mother’s Days might be different from what we are used to, there are ways to adapt so that we can celebrate this amazing day. Hopefully, next year we can all go back to the big brunches and gatherings or nice outings together. But for now, these small gestures are sure to make your mom’s day!


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