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Maintaining a Healthy Weight During The Pandemic

The pandemic has made us adapt to a new way of life that many of us were not ready for. Quarantine has forced us to remain indoors for prolonged periods of time and put a limit on how we spend our time outside of our home, bringing with it a brand new set of challenges to face. One of those challenges is maintaining and healthy weight and keeping your nutritious eating habits in your routine so that you can stay as healthy as possible – which is particularly important for both seniors and family caregivers. If you’re looking for a few ways to maintain your health and weight during this pandemic, here’s some help.

Create a (new) routine

Before the restrictions, you likely had a very familiar routine that you did every weekday. It was familiar and like second nature to you. Now, things are different, and it might be the right time to create a new routine. Even if you are working from home, try to commit to still waking up at the usual time, eat breakfast before you start work – start a routine, and stick to it. Being consistent can help with long-term health benefits, too – even when the pandemic is over.

Stay active

No matter what kind of physical activity you enjoy, it is important to keep moving your body. Understandably, the pandemic is bringing challenges for those who enjoy group fitness or going to the gym on a regular basis. But, that does not mean you should not stay active while during the restrictions. Getting outside for walks is a great way to stay active and get outside of your house during this time.

Eat nutritious and balanced meals

When you are staying inside for prolonged periods of time, it can be really easy to eat foods that are less than nutritious for you. It is important to take the time to ensure you are getting lots of fresh produce and whole grains as it will keep you healthy long-term. Keeping your meals balanced will also help to keep your weight healthy and allow you to function at your highest – even if you’re always at home.

Get enough sleep

Many people are experiencing anxiety during this time, even if they did not previously experience any symptoms. This can lead to an increase in cortisol – the stress hormone. Family caregivers who were already experiencing the stress of caring for a loved one may now be dealing with the additional worry of how to keep their loved one safe during this time. If you can make sure you get enough restful sleep, it can go a long way to help make sure you stay healthy and functioning during this time.

Take up meditation

Too much cortisol in your system can have a negative effect on your mind, and it is important to find ways to lower your stress levels so you can appropriately maintain your weight. Regular meditation has been shown to decrease stress levels and have a positive effect on your weight and overall health. In addition, regular meditation has been shown to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as improving your sleep quality.

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The professional caregivers at VERA Home Care are experienced and know how to keep your loved ones safe during the pandemic. They can help your loved ones maintain a healthy weight by helping them with meal planning and preparation or accompanying them on walks. And the reduced stress you will feel as a caregiver means that it may be easier for you to maintain a healthy weight as well.

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