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Should you get your elderly loved one a pet?

Those furry little paws can bring so much joy to anyone who has a pet in their life – regardless of age. For your elderly loved ones, as much as you try to spend time with them, they may be feeling a little down lately. A pet may seem like a great idea to help them be a little less lonely, but is it the best idea? Here are a few things to consider before getting a pet for your elderly loved one.

Have they had a pet before?

Pets of any kind are not for everyone. Some people don’t like the shedding hair, or they like to be able to travel at a moment’s notice without worry about having someone take care of the pet – and that’s okay. One of the biggest things to consider, though, is whether your loved one has had pets before.

Do they want one?

You may think it’s a great idea for your mom or dad to have a dog or a cat to help keep them company, but it is important to consider their opinion. As much as they may have loved your family pets growing up, that doesn’t mean that they want one at this point in their life.

What are the specific needs of the pet you’re looking at?

Your loved one may not have the energy for a puppy. But a dog that is 7 or 8 years old that just wants to spend afternoons napping and snuggling might be just the right fit.

This is something that you will need to consider to ensure that the pet’s needs fit the needs and wants of your loved one’s lifestyle.

Does your loved one have secure finances?

As much as we hate to think about it, retirement is different for everyone, and their income may be limited. Pets can be expensive – especially if the animal has an unknown health condition or needs emergency surgery.

Is there a back-up plan?

We don’t want to think about anything bad happening to our loved one, but it could. If your loved one was to pass away or spend any length of time in the hospital, is there a friend or a family member nearby who would be able to look after the pet?

Pets can make any home more lively and a little less lonely, but it’s important to consider all aspects of getting a pet for your elderly loved one before committing to one.

And if your loved one could use a little more human companionship as well, then home care can certainly help.

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