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New Year’s Resolutions for Family Care Givers in 2022

It may seem like it was just yesterday that we were ringing in 2021, but the year is almost over, and it’s time to start thinking about 2022. Many people use this time to start thinking about what they have accomplished this year and their goals for next year. However, when you are a caregiver for your loved one, thinking about yourself may be the very last thing on your mind because you are too busy thinking about your loved one’s needs. It is important, though, to remember to take time for yourself and make sure you still have a few things on your list to accomplish this year. Here are a few resolutions you could look into as a caregiver.

Increase your sleep


Getting the right amount of sleep, especially as a caregiver, is crucial for making sure that you are as healthy as possible. You are juggling so many responsibilities and probably have a long list of responsibilities when caring for another person. Still, it is important to try to make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night.


Work on your mental and physical health


When you are caring for your loved one, chances are you already have a really big heart and tend to give a lot more than you take. When this happens, sometimes you can forget that you have needs too. Caring for another person can add a whole lot of stress to your daily routine. It may not be easy, but you will need to put some time aside for just yourself. Whether it’s making sure you get some time for your hobbies or seeing a therapist that can help you navigate through your feelings, next year, make sure you are taking care of your own health too.


Quality time with your loved one


Have you considered hiring a home care worker? When you are the caregiver for your family member, it can be really hard to still have quality time with them as you are often so busy just taking care of them.

Even if it is for a few hours each week, consider having someone come in and take on the responsibility for your loved one’s care. Some rest will help you recharge and also will allow you to relax and spend some time with your loved one, as their son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc, instead of just as their caregiver.


Consider what your loved one’s future care will look like


Are you going to be providing care for your loved one forever? What happens if their illness or condition progresses and they need more care than you can give? Take some time now to think about what their care plan will look like in the future and the role you will play. If you take the time now, it may mean that you wouldn’t have to make snap decisions in the future. You may want to research available care options so you have all the information ready for when you need it.


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