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5 Ways Your Loved One Can Benefit From Massage

When caring for an aging or chronically ill loved one, you may be racking your brain for ways to ease their stress – or, as a caretaker, you may have stresses of your own. Consider the advantages massage therapy can provide.

Maintain mobility


High-impact physical activity is not the only way our bodies can become worn down. You may have heard some particularly bold health journals declare “sitting is the new smoking.” While the risks are not equivalent, a lack of movement can result in long-term health problems. Pain disorders lead to stationary lifestyles which lead in turn to perpetual stiffness, poor posture, and even difficulty breathing.


Manage chronic pain


Our muscles need attention no matter how they’re used. Regular massages from Vera Home Care can provide a number of lasting benefits for those of advanced age. Perhaps you or your loved one is suffering from arthritis, injuries, or muscle strain from repeated use of a mobility aid. Our masseuses will tailor the experience to your individual needs.


Improve sleep


A relaxing at-home massage may be just what you need to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, or increase circulation to areas experiencing tingles. When everything is moving smoothly, everyone can sleep soundly at night! Registered massage therapists (RMTs) can identify and stimulate problematic areas of the body, promoting not only relief in the short term, but restful nights of sleep that encourage healing for the long term.


Reduce stress


Mental health is a serious issue no matter your circumstances. It’s difficult to measure spiritual wellness, but it’s one of those things you know you’ve been missing once you get it back. At-home massage therapists bring the harmonious environment of a spa directly to you, and not only can they provide physical relief, they offer soothing conversation and careful attention. Just like the rest of our excellent staff, Vera Home Care’s RMTs are handpicked experts in their field; if you’re experiencing issues with your assigned therapist, we can assign you somebody else at no additional cost.


Make time for yourself


When was the last time you felt pampered and important? Busy individuals rarely slow down to focus on themselves. Vera Home Care offers part-time, full-time, and round-the-clock care. To discuss your needs and how a registered massage therapist might be able to help your situation, contact us today.

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