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How to Improve Circulation in Your Feet

Poor circulation in the feet is not uncommon in older adults. As we age, our circulatory systems can become less efficient and we can also become more likely to develop other conditions that contribute to poor circulation. While this is usually nothing to worry about, it can be quite annoying and sometimes even interfere with daily activities.

Signs of poor circulation in the feet:

  • Cold feet
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tingling
  • Pain or Numbness
  • Discolouration

What causes poor circulation in the feet?

There are many possible causes of poor circulation in the feet including obesity, deep vein thrombosis, and atherosclerosis (hardened arteries). Lifestyle choices such as smoking and lack of exercise will often contribute to the problem.

Although in many cases there is just minor discomfort, you should see your doctor if symptoms are persistent as they could be symptoms of a more serious condition such as diabetes or a blot clot.

How can you improve the circulation in your feet?

If you have ruled out serious causes with your doctor, there are some simple things that you can do to help improve the circulation in your feet. Exercise is one of the simplest things you can do and it can help alleviate symptoms almost instantly. Even a five-minute walk can help you see improvements. In addition to walking, you can improve your circulation while you are sitting or lying down by stretching your feet or rotating your ankles.

Heat also helps to improve circulation. If you find your feet are constantly cold, try wearing heavy socks or using heating pads. While this is only a short-term solution, it is a good one when you need immediate relief.

For longer-term results, consider changes to your diet. It is important to remain well hydrated as doing so will make it easier for your heart to pump the blood. If you are overweight, then shedding a few pounds may also help with circulation. If you are looking to add foods to your diet which have been shown to improve circulation try adding more fatty fish, garlic, and leafy greens.

And if you are working with a home health care worker, let them know you are working to improve the circulation in your feet. Your health care worker can help you with exercises and give you other helpful tips to make the process easier.

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