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Make a Family Fun Day

Making a special Family Fun Day is a great way to spend time with those you love – including parents and grandparents. Sometimes the seniors in our family want to be involved in our activities and family trips, but they may no longer be able to do everything that we enjoy. If you are looking for a few fun activities to do with your senior loved ones where everyone can take part, here are some to consider.



Remember when your parents used to read to you or the feelings of enjoyment you had in reading to your children? This is a fun activity that almost everyone can enjoy and participate in.

It can easily turn into a storytime or a role-play to keep everyone engaged. Additionally, reading can help keep our brains sharp and even improve our cognitive function. Spending some time reading for your Family Fun Day with your loved one can really build some wonderful memories.

Get creative


Does your loved one enjoy knitting or sewing or another craft? If this is a hobby they have, perhaps you can join them for some activity time this Family Fun Day. They can teach you how to do this hobby and help you work on your own project.

Sharing in the hobby they enjoy and even having them teach you how to do something can really help you bond with your loved one and work towards a better relationship.

Go outside


It looked like warmer weather was just around the corner, but it seems that we can never know exactly the type of weather we are going to get – but it doesn’t mean you cannot go outside. Spending time outside can really boost your mood and help with your overall health.

With a senior loved one, their mobility may not be as great as it used to be, so they may no longer be able to go out for walks. Even if your loved one can only go out on a porch or in a wheelchair, it is important to go out with them and spend some time outside. If it’s chilly, you may sit outside under some blankets – or even at a firepit – with a hot tea or coffee and just chat with each other.

Have a game night


Who does not love a family game night? With so many games to choose from, there is sure to be one that your senior loved would love to play. Plan a game night for them to enjoy and prepare some food for everyone to eat as you play. This is a fantastic option if the weather for Family Fun Day is especially snowy and the weather isn’t great for being outside.

Baking or cooking together


Does your family have some special family recipes that have been passed down through generations? Perhaps this Family Fun Day, your loved one can show you how to make the traditional family dishes that they have been making for years. Baking or cooking together can create some wonderful memories together, and you will have these memories every time you make these dishes with your own family.

This Family Fun Day, find a way to spend some time with the senior loved ones in your family!

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