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The Role of Optimism in Healthy Aging

Feeling down every once in a while is normal, but sometimes that feeling can last longer and start to affect daily life. Age can definitely be an important factor in daily mood as often with age come complications, medical issues and some loss of independence. Since mood is such an important aspect of our health, it is important to keep up the optimism and stay positive.

Over the last couple of years, with the social and financing impacts of a global pandemic, many people are really struggling to maintain positive mindsets. Staying positive, though, can really impact your overall health, especially as you get older. Here is what you need to know about having a positive outlook as you age.

Is optimism a trait you are born with?


There have been studies that demonstrated that some people are more likely to be optimistic about the situations they encounter in life – so there seems to be some component of optimism that is inborn.

That being said, many experts have also developed tools and tips for how people can nurture and grow a positive mindset.

Cultivating optimism


When talking about being positive, there simply isn’t one approach that will work for every person. In developing a more positive mindset and an optimistic approach to your life, each person will need to learn how to identify their own pessimistic traits and how to turn them into positive ones.

There are psychologists who can work with individuals to help them develop the tools needed to grow positive thoughts.



This might sound odd, but just smiling can actually trick your mind into believing you are in a better mood. When a person smiles, it stimulates the emotional center of our brains and that gives off chemicals that bring us into a much more positive emotional state.

Make a difference in your community


It can be said that a negative mindset or outlook often comes from a general feeling of helplessness – or feeling like we have no control over the outcomes in our life. Volunteering in your community can help to change your feelings and give you a more positive outlook.

What is your attitude towards aging?


Whether we like it or not, aging is the future for everyone. Some people see growing old as a reward for living a good, fulfilled life. However, other people may meet aging with some bitterness and anger – especially if they have suffered a loss of a loved one or have been diagnosed with any medical conditions or issues.

Many medical professionals believe that if we have the mindset of being healthy as we age, then it is more likely that we will continue to be healthy and enjoy our senior years.

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Did you know that home care might help your senior loved one maintain a more positive outlook? With some companionship to combat loneliness and someone who can help them to do the things they love, they may find they are more optimistic about life.

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