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COVID booster shots are now available: Here’s what you need to know

Most of us have received the recommended two doses of vaccinations against COVID-19. However, there is now a growing talk about a booster shot. Recently, Pfizer has been given the approval to provide boosters for all adults who have had their shots at least six months prior. Are you wondering exactly why some people might need a booster or what is going on with the effectiveness of these vaccines? Here is what you need to know about the booster shots.

Why are booster shots happening?


We are continuing to report some of the lowest numbers of COVID cases since March 2020, and protecting our most vulnerable populations is crucial in ensuring our number of serious cases continues to decline. The booster is meant to provide an extra layer of protection against the virus, especially for those who are most at risk of having severe complications from COVID-19.

There is also some evidence showing that the vaccine’s effectiveness’s protection against the virus will start to wane about 6 months – especially for seniors and those with compromised immune systems.


When can you get your booster shot?


Booster doses are being offered to anyone over the age of 18 and recommended especially for those in vulnerable populations or communities based on the availability in specific regions. The individual health units will handle the timing and scheduling, and appointments will be booked in a similar way as the first two vaccines.

The program began on Saturday, November 8th, and eligible individuals will be able to book their appointment through the vaccination portal or by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre. There may also be an option to receive the booster shot from the local pharmacies.


Is the vaccine not effective?


The COVID-19 vaccine is still highly effective; however, there is evidence that shows that the protection may be waning over time which is why a booster shot is recommended – especially for those who are immune-compromised.

In the same way many of us get our flu shot every year – including the elderly who are the most at risk – getting a booster shot for COVID-19 can help protect against severe complications from the virus.


Are the booster shots required for the vaccination passport?


Not at this time. Booster shots are being offered to those who are over 18 and who wish to have some added protection, but it is not part of the mandatory proof that you have to show when going to a restaurant or the movies.

Getting a booster shot for COVID-19 is a personal choice, as was and continues to be the decision to get vaccinated. But if you or a loved one is vulnerable, you may want to discuss this option with your doctor.


More information


If you would like more information on booster shots, here is a great article written by Elie Dolgin in Nature, which is one of the most regarded scientific journals:


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