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Should I Bring Mom or Dad Home to Live with Me?

As our loved ones age, we might start to notice that they have difficulty keeping up with things they used to do like cleaning the house, preparing meals, and even managing the medications they need to take care of themselves. Regular phone calls or video chats are important as they can reveal family members when someone isn’t taking great care of themselves or maybe feeling lonely. Your elderly loved one might need some help, and it’s time to consider all the options including whether or not your loved one should come live with you. Here’s what you need to consider about your loved one coming to live with you.

How will this affect all members of the household?

You might have a really good relationship with your mom or dad, but does everyone in the house have that same good relationship? You will need to consider how this move will affect everyone in your house, and how they will feel about having their relative come to live with you. Bringing someone into the house will disrupt the routine and flow you currently have, even if you have a really good relationship with them, so it is important to consider this.

Does your home have everything your mom or dad needs?

One of the reasons your loved one might be having trouble is because they need special accommodations that most homes just don’t have. Some of the most common ones are assistive devices in the bathroom to help with bathing and in the kitchen to help with meal preparation. If the reason you’re thinking about moving them into your home is because of difficulties in these areas, then you may also need to consider what modifications might be needed for your home.

Is your neighbourhood senior-friendly?

Do you live next to, or really close to, a busy city street? Neighbourhoods with lots of green spaces and parks where your mom or dad could enjoy the outdoors will likely make them feel more comfortable living there. If your house is close to a busy area that’s too noisy it could make them feel anxious and leave them unable to settle.

Are you able to provide care now, and in the future?

If your loved one has a medical condition that is well managed now, but may not be in the future can you provide the care needed as their condition changes? Some medical conditions progress slowly while others may see sudden and drastic changes. Multiple moves can leave your loved one feeling confused and displaced so it’s important to make sure you consider what their care needs are now and what they could be in the near future.

How Vera Home Care Can Help

As our parents age, we want to make sure they are well cared for and are as healthy as possible. It could be our first instinct to move them in with us when they need help. This can be a great way to care for your loved ones but it’s important to take into consideration how this will affect all aspects of your life. It is also important to consider how home care can help you with your loved one’s care. Whether your loved one requires some assistance at their home or you might need some time to rest and recharge, consider having a caregiver to help you.

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