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Now That I’m Older, Do I Need To Slow Down?

It seems that many people think that as we age, we should be slowing down and not doing as much in our lives, but do we have to? Retirement isn’t just for sitting in the rocking chairs, knitting and afternoon bridge games – just because you are older and not working full time anymore (or maybe you are), it doesn’t mean you can’t still be active and participate in your community. So, just because you’re 65, or over, do you have to slow down? Here are a few things to consider if you’re not ready to slow down just because you’re a little older now.

Stay Healthy

Some studies have shown that those who have been active and maintained a healthy lifestyle in their younger years have an easier time maintaining their health in their senior years – which is not too surprising.

If you haven’t always been the most active person, don’t worry – it’s never too late. Even if you didn’t exercise a lot in your younger years, you can still keep yourself healthy now. Every little activity, here and there, is definitely better than no movement at all.

How you can stay fit in your senior years

Even though some exercises may not be suitable as you age, there are many activities you can still do, including:

Muscle Strengthening

This helps preserve your strength and lowers the risk of health conditions we may experience as we age. This can include resistance bands, lifting weights or even climbing stairs.

Flexibility and Balance

This helps improve our mobility, blood flow and even enhances confidence in everyday activities. These kinds of exercises could be yoga, stretching, tai chi and balance classes.

Aerobic Exercises

Workouts like swimming, brisk walking or step classes can get your heart rate going and increases your breathing, which helps oxygen circulate through your body.

What’s in motion stays in motion

For many people in their senior years, keeping busy and staying active allows them to continue doing more things they love longer. Our bodies have a tendency to adapt to new norms, so prolonged inactivity may cause our bodies to no longer be able to do the things that we love. The longer you can stay active and moving, the longer you will likely be able to continue doing what you love even as you age.

Things you can do other than workout

If you feel like structured exercise isn’t your thing – that’s okay! Activities like dancing and gardening are good forms of movement and keep your body going. They are also great hobbies. You can also form a walking group with friends in your neighbourhood if you are looking to do an activity and socialize.

As you age, you should not feel like you need to slow down. If you’ve retired, then this is the time where you get to do all those things that you wanted, so why slow down now? If you have hobbies and activities, this is the time to do them. You should always look after your health, of course, and make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay healthy, but you do not have to slow down on what you enjoy just because you’re ageing.

Even though you do your best to stay healthy and active, sometimes you or your loved one may need a little help. VERA Home Care can help you or a loved one stay healthy and active through home health care and companionship services.

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