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Nature Appreciation for Seniors

Now that the winter is behind us and the summer is here, getting outside is one of the most refreshing things anyone can do. Enjoying nature helps relieve stress and gives us a sense of calm and inner peace not found indoors. Unfortunately, it may be challenging for some of us to get outside, whether due to health complications or a lack of company.

Thankfully, you do not have to have to go far or visit the woods to enjoy nature. We put together a little guide with a few ways to help your loved one or yourself enjoy nature.


Arrange flowers outside


Flowers are bright and colourful. Most of us find joy in sitting outside in a garden, enjoying the smell and scenery. Another great thing about flowers is that there are many varieties that are fairly easy to plant and maintain. So you or your loved one will only need to spend minimal time gardening to enjoy them. Flowers are a great way to entice just about any of us to sit outside more often and enjoy the outdoors and outside air. It just might do the trick to get you or your loved one to get outdoors and may even lead to a new hobby or pastime.


Head to the water


Being on or near the body of water has a calming effect and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Visiting a beach and sitting on a dock or soaking your feet, getting a ride on a boat or just sitting near a river or a lake are all great ways to relax and enjoy the refreshing air. While some locations may be tricky to visit due to sand or other obstacles, we are blessed that Ontario has many locations that are wheelchair accessible.


Go for a walk


Many cities – including London – have paved pathways through parks and nature areas that may be enjoyed at any time. Most paths are well maintained and regularly cleaned to ensure that they are safe and accessible. Having a stroll through a park is a great way to enjoy the weather, and since walking is considered a low-impact activity, a healthy and safe way to get exercise.


Pack a picnic


Picnics can be enjoyed while sitting by the water or in-between going for a walk. And let’s be honest, who does not love having something delicious to eat? You know your loved one’s favourite snacks and treats, so pack them up and take them with you on your outdoor adventure!


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