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Lifestyle Tips for Seniors During COVID-19

Social distancing measures meant to curb the spread of COVID-19 have been difficult for many of us, but they have been especially hard on our seniors who may be feeling more isolated than ever – especially if their loved ones are unable to see them as often as they’d like. But even as we weather this pandemic, it is critical to both their mental and physical health for our seniors to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to help the seniors in your life stay socially and physically active during these strange times:

1. Embrace the technology

There are many apps and web platforms available today which seniors may use to talk to their loved ones as well as get a chance to see them using video chat. By engaging the seniors in your life with regular Facetime, Skype, or Zoom calls, you can help them feel less isolated.

2. Go for walks

For seniors who are mobile and healthy enough to do so, encourage them to go for regular walks. Getting outside in the sunshine and fresh air will not only help them get a healthy dose of vitamin D, but it may also help seniors reduce the feelings of depression which they might experience by being inside all day.

3. Engage the mind

Watching television all day may be an easy default, especially when seniors cannot engage in their regular social activities, but it is hardly part of a healthy lifestyle. To help keep the brain active, seniors should explore activities that engage the mind. This might include playing problem-solving games on the computer, journaling, painting, building models, or even taking an online course.

Especially for families who are unable to visit their senior loved ones during this time, professional home companionship may be an ideal solution. At Vera Home Care, all of our home care workers are trained to the highest standards and we have measures in place to help ensure the health of both our seniors and caregivers during these difficult times.

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