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Heat Safety Tips for Seniors

As the summer comes, we all want to spend more time outdoors and soak up the sun while we can. But while enjoying the weather,  seniors have to be mindful of some of the complications that the heat can bring. So, as you spend more time outside, here are a few heat safety tips for seniors.


Drink lots of water


The usual suggestion is to drink between 6 and 8 cups of water every day. But, if you are planning to spend time outside in the heat, then you could definitely benefit from drinking more water and keeping hydrated. If you are going to be away from your home while enjoying the outdoors, investing in a water bottle that is easy to carry around may be a great idea to ensure that you keep hydrated.

For hydration, it is important that you drink water. Drinking sodas or juices would not work as well and may even make you even more thirsty. Be proactive with the water drinking, and do not wait until you have been outside for hours before your first sip – drink as you go.


Try to limit time in the heat


As the heat – and humidity – comes, it is important to try and limit the time you spend outside. If possible, do not spend the whole day outside and only go out for a couple of hours at a time.


Use sunscreen regularly


Carry a small bottle of sunscreen with you wherever you go, and make sure you use it regularly. Remember to reapply it every two hours so that you can avoid sunburns and other potential skin complications.


Turn on your air conditioning


Even though it can be expensive to keep your air conditioner on all the time in the summer, it may be worth keeping it running so that your home stays cool and comfortable for you. The cooler temperature at your home can make it easier for you to breathe – especially when it is very humid out – and put less stress on your body.


Know the signs of heatstroke (and other heat-related illnesses)


It can be very easy to get heatstroke, even if you have been outdoors for a moderate period of time. Review and familiarize yourself with the signs of heatstroke, dehydration and even heat exhaustion. If you experience any symptoms of these conditions, do not be afraid to speak up and say you need to go inside or sit in the shade. It is better to take the time to recover if you are not feeling well or simply take a break than to have to potentially head to the emergency room.

Spending time outside with family and friends is fantastic, especially when the warmer weather comes. However, for seniors, exposure to too much heat and sun can be very damaging. It is important to understand how to keep your loved ones safe this summer. If you have any concerns that your family member is experiencing a heat-related illness, always make sure you take the appropriate steps and seek medical attention as needed.


How Vera Home Care can help


As the weather gets nicer, more of our clients are eager to spend time outdoors. Our professional home care workers are well trained in what is needed to keep them safe on hot, humid days. If you have a loved one who you think would benefit from home care or companionship, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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