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Gardening: A Healthy Hobby For Seniors

Gardening is an enjoyable hobby for many people, and it can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons. Seniors, especially, find they enjoy gardening during their retirement years as it can be calming and relaxing while producing beautiful plants. Even if you have physical limitations, gardening can be scaled for your enjoyment. If you have been thinking about taking up gardening, here are a few things you need to know about this really great hobby.


Benefits of Gardening

There are a variety of benefits people experience from gardening – no matter if it is caring for flowers or edible fruits and vegetables – including:

  • Reducing stress levels
  • Increasing relaxation
  • Helping with mobility and flexibility (especially if you have had limited mobility or range of motion in certain areas)
  • Promotes the use of all motor skills
  • Increases social interaction and that can promote a better sense of overall wellbeing
  • Enjoyable way to be outside and get fresh air
  • Could give you some delicious, homegrown meals

Planting your own little garden in your backyard is an easy way to get started with this hobby. You can choose what you want to plant: flower beds or a garden with delicious vegetables you can enjoy in the summer.

In addition to that, if you live in an apartment, you can easily have small flowerbeds or even potted vegetables on your balcony. You do not need a large backyard or outdoor space to make this hobby work for you. You can add some beautiful plants to your balcony to enjoy your outdoor space.


Things to Consider when Being Outside

When you’re outside and exposed to the elements, there are some things you will need to take into consideration for your own health and safety.

Sun Protection

Even if it is not incredibly hot outside or even all that sunny, you are at risk of being sunburned. Make sure you wear the appropriate level of sunscreen and protective clothing like a hat and sunglasses.

Proper Shoes

Make sure you wear shoes that cover your toes and are slip-resistant so that you do not hurt yourself while walking around.


Many people wear gloves while gardening to protect their hands from getting dirty and from any sharp leaves or stems that may prick them.


Getting Involved

Many cities have community gardens that residents have their own small plots and can grow whatever they like. In some cases, these community gardens grow produce for those in the area who may need help with food or sometimes to sell at a local farm stand/market.

In addition to helping provide the community with food, you could also meet some new people and make friends who find joy in the same hobbies as you do.

Gardening is a great hobby for anyone to get involved in, especially seniors. It is relaxing, and it is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. It can help with your mobility and range of motion – if needed – and it can be easily scaled to work for whatever accommodations you need. If you have questions, there are many resources to find more information and forums to read through to help you on your journey.


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