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Five Tips to Help You Recover After Surgery

When surgery is recommended for yourself or a loved one, you will naturally have a lot of questions. It is a good idea to learn all you can, including what you can do to help yourself recover afterward. In this blog, we offer five tips to help you or a loved one recover from surgery.

Tip #1 – Follow your discharge orders

After surgery, you will have instructions from your surgeon on how to care for your incision, what medicines to take, and what symptoms to look for that might constitute a medical emergency. These instructions are to help you heal and avoid infection. Follow your discharge orders exactly and contact your surgeon immediately if you begin experiencing problems.

Tip #2 – Get the rest you need

If your recovery is a long one, you might be tempted to run errands or catch up on work. But it is important to recognize that your body may not be able to work at the same capacity for awhile. Give yourself permission to rest and do not drive or engage in physically exerting activities until you have been given the all-clear from your doctor.

Tip #3 – Go to your follow-up appointments

Following your surgery, your doctor will likely want to schedule a number of follow up appointments with you to ensure your recovery is going smoothly. Although you may not always feel up to these appointments, it is important that you do not skip them. If you are unable to drive, you can ask a friend or family member to take you.

Tip #4 – Consider in-home care

Home health care services can be a great benefit to those who are recovering from surgery, and it can help to take some of the responsibility off of other family members. Home healthcare workers can assist with everything from dressing and bathing, to simple household chores, meal preparation, and companionship.

Tip #5 – Get moving

Following surgery, doctors will often recommend a certain amount of walking for their patients. Moderate activity such as a walk around the house or down the street and back has a number of benefits including helping to prevent blood clots, decreasing gas and constipation, and avoiding lung infections like pneumonia. Discuss with your doctor about what is the right amount of activity for you.

While you can’t always prevent the need for surgery, there are things you can do to help with your recovery. If you would like to learn more about post-operative home care options for yourself or a loved one, contact us today.

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