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Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Your Senior Loved One

As much as many of us would like the warm weather to stick around, it is finally cooling down, and winter will be upon us before we know it. Fall is a great time to do some maintenance around the house in preparation for the colder season. But if you have senior loved ones living in their own homes, you may need to consider helping them out to ensure that their homes are ready too. This may involve calling in a professional, some DIY on your part, or a bit of both.

To help you get started, we have compiled a checklist of items you might want to take care of to help prepare your senior loved ones’ home for winter.

  • Have the furnace inspected. During the winter months, HVAC technicians can get incredibly busy, so you want to make sure your senior loved ones have a properly functioning furnace before that season. An inspection by a trained HVAC professional can help to catch and repair potential problems early.
  • Change the furnace filter. Many seniors cannot get outdoors as often during the winter months, so to help ensure that they are breathing nice, clean air, ensure that the furnace filter is changed on a regular basis.
  • Clean out the eavestroughs. During the fall season, the home’s eavestroughs can fill up with fallen leaves and other debris. This can make the eaves less effective at diverting rainwater and melting snow away from home, resulting in potential foundation damage over time. To help your senior loved one avoid a potentially expensive repair bill, arrange to have the eaves cleaned out after the trees in the area lost most of their leaves.
  • Ensure that smoke and CO2 detectors are working. For seniors living on their own, home safety should always be a top priority. Smoke and CO2 detectors should be tested at least twice a year – and it is often recommended that it should be done at the start and end of Daylight Savings Time.
  • Lawn care. Even though the grass isn’t growing as quickly as it did in the summer, lawn care is still important during the fall. Fertilizing and watering will help the lawn recover from the stress of the summer heat, and fall is also an ideal time for aerating. And, if your senior loved one enjoys flowers, it is also the time to plant some spring bulbs!

Remember, part of helping your senior loved one stay safe and healthy in their home is ensuring that their home is well looked after. And if you require companion services for your senior loved one while you or a professional is attending to the house, we can help.

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