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10 Tips for Creating Merry Holidays with Seniors


Spending the holidays with your loved ones is one of the best parts of this time of year. Visiting with the people you love most in this world makes the holidays all that more special for everyone. For your senior family members, your time, love and attention are some of the most valuable gifts you could give them these holidays. If you are looking for ways to create memories with your family members this holiday season, here are a few helpful ideas.

Decorate Together


Pulling out decorations and putting them up around the house can be one of the best memories. Looking through all their treasured décor, and talking about the stories that go with them, will get everyone in the holiday spirit.


Continue Holiday Traditions


When you were younger, did you always bake cookies for Christmas to share with your neighbours and friends? Or maybe you made personalized Christmas cards for everyone. It is important to continue to participate in these traditions and pass them along to the next generation. Your loved one will cherish and appreciate your willingness to continue the family traditions.


Get in the Holiday Mood


Maybe it’s simply putting on Christmas music. Maybe it’s drinking eggnog. Maybe it’s doing some baking. Whatever it is that gets your family in the holiday mood –  it is time to do it. The smallest things can really help your loved ones get in the spirit of Christmas.


Help them with Holiday Cards


Maybe your loved one struggles with writing their own Christmas cards, but they still want to send cards out to their friends and family members. Take some time and offer to help write out and send their Christmas cards. Your loved one would appreciate your help and will be happy knowing that their loved ones will receive their cards this year.


Try to be Supportive


The holidays can be an emotionally difficult time for many people, and it can be more so for seniors. The holidays may feel especially lonely if they have recently lost a spouse or friends. This can make it difficult for them to stay upbeat and happy. During this time, try to be as supportive as possible.


Holiday Meals


In previous years, your loved one may have hosted all of the holiday get-togethers and meals, but now, they might not have the ability or energy to do this anymore. If possible, offer to host the events at your house and prepare the holiday meals so they can enjoy spending their time with family without worrying about the cooking and the cleaning.


Help them with Shopping


Perhaps your loved one can’t get out shopping on their own anymore, or they may have difficulties with mobility. If this is the case, take some time to help them go shopping. You being with them will make them feel safer, and you will get the chance to spend some quality time with your loved one.


Prioritize the Favourites


Holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. And it can be really quite exhausting, especially for seniors. With so many events and parties going on, it may be too much if they try to attend and do everything. With this in mind, speak with them and try to prioritize the really important events and activities that they really want to do – and the rest can come later if they have the time and feel up to it.


Share Stories


Many families have great stories about past holidays, so what better time to reminisce about these times with each other? This can also be a time to talk about loved ones who have passed away and how much you miss having them around. Take the time to talk about how your loved one is feeling, and listen to the stories they want to share. They will love spending the time and sharing stories with you.


Holiday Clothes


Does your loved one enjoy dressing up for the holidays? Do they have a favourite Christmas sweater? This may be a hint that a new sweater or another article of clothing might be something that they would really enjoy. Plus, every time they will wear it, they will think of you.


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