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4 Simple Tips for Seniors to Boost their Mental Health

Staying active in retirement and enjoying adult day programs can play a huge role in mental health and seniors staying healthy and happy. Part of staying healthy as we age is ensuring we keep our mental well-being at the top of our priorities. This May, which is Mental Health Month, take some time with your senior loved one to work on mental health. Here are some tips for working on improving mental health.

Get some physical activity


Yes – physical activity can really help increase a person’s mental health. Exercise releases endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormone. It also increases physical confidence, which can help reduce falls and increase physical stability.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be super intense either. Going for walks or trying out yoga can have a similar effect to running or lifting weights. Dancing, light strength training or even riding a bike can go a long way to help us boost our mental health and the overall mood.

Stay connected


Keeping in touch with friends is an important part of keeping us healthy as we age. Not talking to our friends can lead to feelings of isolation and depression, and that can really cause a decline in anyone’s mental health but especially the mental health of seniors.

You can keep in touch in so many ways: phone calls, text messages, social media, video chatting and especially in-person visits or outings when there is an opportunity.

As we age, we will come across personal losses, and it is likely that some or many of your senior loved one’s friends have passed away or are unable to see them anymore. Thankfully, there are community day programs for seniors that facilitate meeting new people and forming new connections in their local area so they can share their interests and hobbies with others.

Meeting new friends is always a great idea!

Find a new hobby


Retirement years are the perfect time for seniors to follow through on the items on their bucket list, so why not encourage your senior loved ones to pick up a new hobby that they have always wanted to try?

Learning something new helps to keep the brain active, and that can really help with boosting mental health too.

Caring for a pet


Pets can help keep us busy, offer companionship and even help keep us social.

There have been studies showing that the bond between humans and their pets helps lower stress and may increase our happiness and fitness levels.

Developing this bond can also go a long way to help us and our mental health overall.

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Did you know a home care worker may also be good for your senior loved one’s mental health? In addition to assistance with day-to-day activities and chores, home care workers can also provide companionship and help your senior loved one continue to do the activities that they enjoy.

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