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Audiobooks: A Great Solution for Seniors with Vision Loss

The love of reading is something that will often last a lifetime. Unfortunately, as we age, our vision starts to decline, and no matter how much someone loves reading, it can become challenging. Thankfully, there is a great solution for your senior loved ones to continue to enjoy books. That solution is audiobooks!

Audiobooks have become increasingly popular with many people for different reasons. Here are a few reasons why seniors with vision loss should consider them a substitute for physical books.


Listen to audiobooks anywhere


While you do need a device such as a phone or an e-reader to listen to audiobooks, they became so light and small that you can take these devices almost anywhere. This means your loved one can sit in the backyard, at the doctor’s office, or even on the bus and still enjoy their books. For some books that are larger than most, an audiobook can actually be much more convenient than trying to carry a heavy book with you.


Many titles available


For quite a while, audiobooks were not as popular as traditional books as publishers were not taking the time to convert many titles into the audio version.

Now, with the rise in demand, more and more publishers are ensuring that all the titles – including new releases – have the audio version.


You can borrow them


There are a few different ways you can get access to audiobooks, and best of all, there are a lot of free options available.

Many local libraries have a service set up – so all you need is a library card to borrow the audiobooks for a set period of time.

Additionally, there are some low-cost options available. Companies like Audible are subscription-based. For a set monthly fee, each month, you will gain access to a new audiobook of your choice. In addition, they have free audiobooks and podcasts as well as book recommendations based on the previous titles that you enjoyed.


Finish more books


People who listen to audiobooks report finishing more books in a year than when they were reading them. So, for anyone who really loves spending their time with a good book, this can be a great solution.


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If your loved one is suffering from vision loss, home care is a great solution to help them live a more independent life. Caregivers at VERA home care can help your loved ones with their daily tasks as well as provide companionship and help them enjoy the things they love – such as helping them check out audiobooks!

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