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Aging at Home: 3 Tips to Help you Stay in Your Home Longer

Your home holds a lot of special memories – you have spent so much time there with your family and friends. While ageing at home is ideal, ow that you have to make a difficult choice, you do not want to leave. While ageing at home is ideal, many Canadians are faced with the same choice – as we age, there may be things we just cannot do around the house anymore. Fortunately, there are some steps you or your loved ones can take to give you the ability to safely stay in your home longer.

Modify Your Home


Sometimes making your home safer can be as simple as modifying a few rooms or changing up the décor. You can add brighter light bulbs to make certain spaces easier to see or clean up clutter in hallways to reduce the risk of tripping.

If there are special risks or you need help with certain tasks, you may want to look into some more extensive modifications. This could include items like grab bars or chairs in the shower, so it is safer for you to bathe on your own. You could also change doorknobs to lever handles, making the doors easier to open.


At-Home Monitoring


You may have seen commercials for technology that includes a panic alert. The system is designed so that you can call for help if you trip or fall and cannot get to the phone. These medical alert systems can be set up to call for first responders, or they can be set to call your closest family contacts and alert them that something has happened to you.

Additionally, you can implement technology that can remotely shut off appliances, secure windows and even lock doors.

You can also set reminders for when it is time to eat or take certain medications if you are finding that you forget to take them on time.


Home Care Workers


If you need some additional help and care, you can look into hiring home care workers to come in daily or a couple of times a week.

Home care workers can help with mobility, bathing, getting dressed, preparing meals or even cleaning up your home and laundry. The care plan will be based on your current needs. And in addition to helping with care needs, having a home care worker means there is someone to check in on you when your family or friends are not able  – it’s extra peace of mind.


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Aging in place is something that most of us want to do – especially if it means not having to move into a care facility.

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